Conditions of participation

I. Scope of application
The conditions of participation apply exclusively to the competition on the Facebook page “ERDINGER Weissbräu” and the article: 

+++Competition+++ Get down and dirty at Tough Mudder Ireland, 21st of July and enjoy a refreshing Alkoholfrei afterwards! We're giving away 2 x 2 tickets for the Sunday event. Just comment until Sunday, 2nd June, why you want to be there. #TougherTogether

The organizer of this competition is: Privatbrauerei ERDINGER Weissbräu - Werner Brombach GmbH - Lange Zeile 1 und 3 - 85435 Erding (hereinafter referred to as: “ERDINGER Weissbräu”). By taking part in this competition, every participant accepts the conditions of participation listed below.

II. Participation
  1. Only persons aged 18 or above who are residents of Ireland are eligible to participate. Employees of ERDINGER Weissbräu or companies cooperating with ERDINGER Weissbräu are excluded from participation in the competition.
  2. All persons who comment on the article why “they want to be at the Tough Mudder event” are participants in the competition.
  3. Competition clubs, automated entries via competition robots, and deliberately false entries or entries with so-called “disposable e-mail addresses” are not permitted.
  4. The entry deadline for this competition is Sunday, 2nd June 2019, 11:59 pm.

III. Procedure and prize
  1. The winners will be determined in a random draw.
  2. The prize cannot be paid out in cash.
  3. Only one prize per participant (natural person) is possible.
  4. The winner will be informed of the prize after the competition closing date via the “ERDINGER Weissbräu” Facebook page. Winners must get in touch by Monday, 3rd June 2019 via a message on the “ERDINGER Weissbräu” Facebook page. If this deadline is not met, there is no entitlement to the prize and a new winner will be drawn.
  5. The prize is set as: 2 x 2 tickets for the Tough Mudder Ireland Event at Sunday, 21st July.
  6. ERDINGER Weissbräu reserves the right to publish the name of the winner. The winner hereby gives his/her consent to this.
  7. The prize cannot be transferred to third parties without the consent of ERDINGER Weissbräu.
  8. Participation of the Tough Mudder Ireland Event is at the participant's own risk.
  9. Costs for arrival and departure, drinks or food as well as possibly arising overnight costs are not included in the price.

IV. Premature termination, exclusion
  1. ERDINGER Weissbräu reserves the right to cancel, suspend or terminate the competition at any time without prior notice and without stating reasons. This applies in particular if it cannot be guaranteed that the competition will be conducted in a proper manner for technical, legal or other reasons. In such a case, participants are not entitled to any claims against ERDINGER Weissbräu.
  2. ERDINGER Weissbräu reserves the right to exclude participants from participation in the competition. This applies in particular to any violation of the conditions of participation, multiple participation, or if participants use manipulation or other fraudulent help. ERDINGER Weissbräu can also declare such exclusion retrospectively, withdraw prizes and demand their return.

V. Liability
ERDINGER Weissbräu shall not be liable for any damage that may be caused by errors, delays or interruptions in transmission, faults in the technical equipment and service, inaccurate content, loss or deletion of data, viruses, or which might arise in any other way during the advertising or holding of the competition, unless such damage was caused by ERDINGER or its agents intentionally, through gross negligence or by breach of cardinal obligations.

VI. Miscellaneous
  1. There is no right of appeal.
  2. The competition is not affiliated with Facebook and is in no way sponsored, supported or organized by Facebook. The sole contact partner with sole responsibility is the competition organizer ERDINGER Weissbräu.
  3. In the case of disputes arising from consumer contracts, ERDINGER Weissbräu does not participate in arbitration proceedings according to the German Act on Alternative Dispute Resolution in Consumer Matters. Consumers from EU states other than Germany are referred to the European Commission's online dispute resolution platform for disputes arising from consumer contracts:
  4. Should any of these provisions be or become invalid, the validity of the remaining conditions of participation remains unaffected.
  5. These conditions of participation are subject to change by ERDINGER Weissbräu without prior notice.

Privacy policy
During the competition period, it is necessary for ERDINGER Weissbräu and the service provider it commissions to store personal data (name), and in the case of winners also the addresses, in order to draw the winners and forward their prizes. Data is stored solely for the purpose of determining prizes. It is processed solely by ERDINGER Weissbräu and the service provider it commissions and is only passed between these parties. All data will be deleted after the competition has ended. If data is to be deleted already during the competition period, notification of such must be sent by e-mail to ERDINGER Weissbräu and the service providers it commissions will then delete this data immediately. If data is deleted before the end of the competition, the corresponding person is no longer able to participate. By taking part in the competition, all participants agree to this procedure. ERDINGER Weissbräu can be contacted at the e-mail address and via the contact details listed in the imprint.

Furthermore, reference is made to Privatbrauerei ERDINGER Weissbräu Werner Brombach GmbH´s Privat Policy: